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「英语共读」California requires solar energy for new houses



请点击右上角蓝色“+关注”,关注英语周报头条号,实时吸收精彩内容。接待大家来到“英语共读”,本栏目旨在提升列位同学的阅读能力及朗读、听力水平,内容精选自《英语周报》头版阅读文章,由《英语周报》口语老师倾情朗读!今日朗读:掌握“美式发音”技巧,一个句子就GO了!California requires solar energy for new houses阅读难度:★★★☆☆ 主题语境:人与自然——情况掩护Words: about 260; Time: 4.5 minutes语篇导读:随着社会的生长与进步,人们的情况掩护意识越来越强。

许多国家和地域开始接纳努力措施掩护情况、节约能源。加利福尼亚州出台相关划定,要求自2020年起,新建低层住宅楼必须安装太阳能供电设备。Now, only 15 to 20 percent of new single-family homes built in California come installed (安装) with solar panels (太阳能电池板). But starting in 2020, nearly all new single-family homes and low-rise flat buildings built in California must have solar power.The first-of-its-kind decision by the California Energy Commission will help the state realize its dream of turning energy-using (耗能的) homes into energy producers. Together with other building requirements, the solar panels will make new homes net-zero electricity users.The new requirement will be official after the Energy Commission wins the support of the state's Building Standards Commission.There are some exceptions to the new rule. Buildings ill-suited for solar, such as ones completely shaded by trees, don't have to follow the rule, and homes may use a community solar energy system instead of having their own solar panels installed.The requirement "will increase the cost of building a new home by about $9,500 but will save $19,000 in energy costs over 30 years," according to a paper from the California Energy Commission.The environmental costs saved are perhaps even more important, the Natural Resources Defense Council said. Greenhouse gas emissions (温室气体排放) would be lowered by as much as if around 115,000 cars had left the streets.However, there are people who wonder if California's new rule is the best road forward to clean power. University of California, Berkeley economics professor Severin Borenstein said he, along with most energy economists, "believe that rooftop solar is a much more expensive way to move towards clean energy than larger solar and wind installations."From:选自《英语周报》2018-2019学年上《高一人教课标综合》第04期【思考】掩护情况,人人有责。

除了使用可再生能源以节约能源、淘汰污染之外,你还能想到其他什么措施来掩护情况吗?语音技巧:相关阅读:口语发音课-看美剧 学发音1小时突破音标重难点说美国俚语 学隧道发音国际音标系列课之百词正音本文版权属于英语周报,未经许可转载,将追究执法责任!本平台投稿及互助邮箱:yangning_123@126.com后语:坚持是一种信仰,专注是一种态度!每一次您的转发,就是对我们的认同和勉励!亲们,喜欢就努力转发吧,您的每一次转发,都是我们连续的原创动力。原创的路上感恩有您一路同行!!!关注“英语周报”头条号,最原创、最海量、最有价值、最有内容、最有情怀的深度阅读平台。



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